My First Trip To Obangogo Mountain In Kabba, Kogi State – Ukamaka Amalove

May 27, 2018

-Obangogo is located at Kabba Kogi State, Nigeria.
Trip to Obangogo is made once in a year which is usually on 27th of December..

Obangogo mountain is a beautiful place with lots of vegetation and attractions.

Visiting there is like going back into the historic relics of the Awoki people (the custodian family of the hills)

So the community organize just a day to visit the mountain so as people from far and near could come together in touring the beautiful mountain/rocks

First wonders of the mountain:

A little part of the rock is a talking drum.
You can only use two stones to beat the rock drum, any other stone won’t work..

The second wonder

The second site is that of the 3 most Important Obas in the land being represented with 3 big rocks..

The third wonder

The third wonders on the mountain is that of a rock which is like the shape of coffin..

They said gods made the rock like that.

The fourth wonder

The fourth wonders is that of a lake..
It is called Miracle Lake or Make a Wish Lake..
Is found before the top of the mountain..

They said if you make any wish before the next year trip that your wish will come to pass but you must not tell anyone what wish you made at the lake..

You can drink the water, bath with it, use it to wash your face and head, fetch it and use it in your house, it can also cure sick people..

All this will happen if you have faith..

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