Danish Investors to begin Farming and Diary Production in Ajaokuta LGA

March 22, 2018

-Mustapha Aka’aba, Administrator of Ajaokuta on Wednesday accepted signal by Danish investors to venture into abounding Farming and Diary opportunities in Ajaokuta LGA as advertised by the Government. The visiting investors said they intend to promote business & investment opportunities in Ajaokuta LGA. Our objective is to stimulate an increased flow of foreign direct investment within the Local Government and to influence a better economy via Agriculture.

Hon Aka’aba welcomed them to the home of hospitality. In response, he charged them to endeavour to realise an agricultural implementation that promotes competitiveness, employment, and better corporate social responsibility in the course of their job. “The reverse would have been the case if government in the past had paid adequate attention to the agricultural sector and therefore, put the nation on the path of sustainable economic development”. It is generally believed that any country that looks the way of Agriculture is on the path to greatness.

Hon Aka’aba gave the charge at the site while playing host to the Team of Danish investors who were on site visit. He promised to give them all the necessary support any government must render to her visitors. I will encourage all citizens to play their part in making available desired labour in line with business dictate.

While speaking to our Media Watchdog, Aka’aba said, “the colour Green on Nigeria Flag means fertility and it means our boom economically through Agriculture is sure. Efforts by the Government at the apex and Kogi State are being made to move the economy away from oil based one to enhance productivity in the agricultural sector, and move towards an agro_ based economy. This is most acceptable to us and we are doing the needful to key into that. I appreciate the Governor of Kogi State who sanitized the State so much so that Kogi State has become an envy of many and an attraction of the attention of foreign investors. It will please me to report to him about this plus”.

Members of the Local Government receiving Team included Team Aka’aba, the DLG of the Local Government and the Special Adviser to the Governor on Job Creation, Hon Abdulkareem Suleiman (Onyekehi).

The Land is GREEN.


Media Team
Ajaokuta LGA.

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