Opinion: Gov. Bello needs aggressive image builder to withstand 2019 election

March 13, 2018

Itodo Dennis 

In this recent time Bello’s government suffered a lot of media blunders that has exposed his government to a laughing stock. 

His media teams lacked technical approach to defend his ideas and promote his image in a competitive political market. Update: APC’s unending crisis in Kogi

I must not condemn all of them as one factitious facebook account user Tosin Jide has being consistence in defend his government and promoting his ideas but too cumbersome for him/her.

Bello media teams were too weak to match up with his huge critics.
For Bello to withstand the upcoming election, he needs and aggressive image builder
to work hardly on his already destroyed image both in and outside of kogi state. We are looking forward for a competitive governorship election and not easily work over election.

I therefore advise Bello not to contest for the governorship election under this poor political image, because he would loss woefully, if nothing is done urgently to market his ideas and achievements to the good people of Kogi state.

By Mr. Itodo Dennis
Advocates for peace and good governance

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