Election saga: NAOS Vrs Speaker of House of Assembly (Hon. Kolawole)

February 3, 2018
Our attention has been drawn to a trash authored by a fictitious individual  who appropriated the name  Moses Matthew.
We would have discarded the piece especially after a background check was conducted at the Dept of Political Science of University of Ilorin and such name was found to be  nonexistent. But we would have to straighten the lines, and put the records straight especially because of the innocent reading public that the persons behind this mischievous and malicious acts are seriously making efforts to mislead.
It’s only laughable and ignoble for the writer who is not man enough to come out but had to hide behind a pseudonym to demonstrate such act of cowardice, ignorance and malice laced with sinister motive to bring the hard earned reputation of the Speaker into disrepute.
It’s obvious that the writer has demonstrated very high level of folly as he pretended not to know that Rt. Hon Prince Mathew Kolawole was approached on two occasions by some stakeholders of Okun Students to support the two botched conventions of the students body. The Speaker for whom he is, (a man that is always willing to contribute to anything that has do with Okun) made some money available for the two conventions. Being generous according  to the warped imagination of the masked writer has now  become an offence and according to him, supporting the conventions means the Speaker is imposing the exco on the Union .
While agreeing with the writer that Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole is one of the many political office holders that Okun has produced, I like to quickly enlighten the writer of the said article that none of the political office holders across Okunland  both past and present operated the kind of accommodating, encompassing and open door policy Prince Kolawole currently operates. None of them was accessible and students friendly like the Speaker. A position that is being taken for granted  by paranoids like the writer.
For the records, while I can’t speak whether or not Damilare Abraham is a media  aide to M.D. Eseyin as posited by the writer, but I can categorically inform the public that Moses Juwon Oloruntoba is not a media aide to the Speaker. By this, the writer has further demonstrated his foolishness and ignorance and of course, his penchant for blackmailing the Speaker has come to the fore.
The spurious allegation of the House of Assembly being enmeshed in N10billion loan scandal is not only malicious, but libelous, as the allegation exists only in the warped imagination of the writer. The writer in further demonstration of his foolishness, mentioned that the Assembly did not pass Local Government autonomy. He  does not in anyway understand the working of the House that  commuting a bill to a House committee for public hearing is  an avenue to gather more opinions about the subject matter.
Once again, for the sake of the reading public, the Assembly was forced to commute the Local Government autonomy to  House Committee for public hearing due to a petition by  National Union of Teacher (NUT). How this becomes a weakness of the Speaker only exists in  the imagination of the writer.
For the sake of public enlightenment, Prince Mathew Kolawole did not win the election with a slim margin, but with landslide both at the primary and general elections. Kolawole is loved by his people which no doubt accounted for the electoral successes in 2015.
I advise the writer to face other meaningful venture and desist from misleading the general public.
– Olorunsuwa Elijah Ola
S.A. Media to the Speaker
Kogi State House of Assembly.
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