Praise-Singing A Govt That Lacks Public Trust Is Self Deceit

January 18, 2018

I forbid a circumstance where at my age I will be confused
about making a decision and be bold enough to stand by it.
One of the interesting things I have learnt over time is to
always learn to understand people’s opinion and as well give
it maximum respect before making any judgement about it.
My expression of support at one time or the other for the
Yahaya Bello ‘s government in Kogi State was never at any
point in time a mistake. And now that I have chosen to bring
to the public my dismay and disappointment on same
government is with utmost honesty and deep sense of
regards to the value I have for my and as well as our
collective growth and development as a people.
By the virtue of the roles and positions I held during my days
in Kogi State University as a student leader, above any other
reason, I found myself necessarily having one or two
affiliations with persons in the present government of the
day if I must admit. Every union of any nature exist first to
protect the interest of her members, so meeting these
persons and probably establishing relationship with them
was just what I had to do as a stakeholder in the state. The
interest was not particularly on any political party or
Aside from being a student leader, I owe explanations to
people out there who can not have access to information
and as well authorities to pour out their grievances to.
Whether I like it or not, I must give listening ear to these
persons. I have relatives, friends and neighbors who are
victims of the unintelligent policy or decision making of this
It was dawn on me to make sure I relate these complaints
to persons who by circumstances I have an existing
relationship with. In fact someone told me to put aside what
ever we share together that serves as a commitment to our
relationship and withdraw my respect for him if by the end of
December, 2017 all arrears of salary are not cleared.
Obviously, this wasn’t enough to calm my nerves. I know for
sure that there are ways all of the screening exercise and
labour related matters carried out by this government could
still be done intelligently without subjecting people to
hardship, I was in doubt if the promise of clearing salary
arrears was feasible.
Considering not only the failure to fulfill this promise but the
lies and blackmails against the people of Kogi State by the
governor himself, I will only be a fool for standing and
drumming support for same government. My silence and
expression for the government at one time or the other was
never miscalculation but an act based on circumstances of
giving a test of time to see how far we could go.
Now, on a general note, by birth I am an Ebira born fellow
from Okengwen, the largest and oldest settlement in Ebira
Land. Yahaya Bello being my kinsman is enough of a reason
to be bold enough to distance myself from his obvious
wrong driven government. There is nothing I stand to gain if
an Ebira man is at the helm of affairs that I cannot get if
anyone else occupies same position. This should be noted. I
have peers that I am growing up with, if not for anything, for
my sake they have reservations to what they think of the
Ebira people.
A government of deceit, a government killing the same
youths they claim to be empowering, a government turning
young boys into social media nuisance allowing them to
mess themselves up through cosmetic praise singing
regrettably especially from the east, a government building
strong individuals against institutions, a government that
cannot or do not prioritize payment of salary but yet mock
their subjects with substandard clothing and food items, is
never a government to reckon with.
How many projects has been started and completed by this
government? It is a thing of shame that the diagnostic
centre project started by the Wada administration which
was at 90% completion is what the Yahaya Bello
government is rushing to complete to cover up its shame
during the celebration of two years in office coming up in
few weeks time.
I am not concerned about who wins or who do not in the
forthcoming 2019 general elections, my concern is the pain
our people has been subjected to. It is a thing of shame that
in Kogi State political appointees waits to get information
from public domain. A government led by few but yet wants
the support of all.
I challenge Yahaya Bello to engage himself in public debate
with the people of Kogi State.
While I continually sympathise with all of us on the collective
grieve caused on us by the products of our desperate quest
for a change of hands in party and leadership, I wish to re-
emphasis on my dream for a better Kogi State.
For those who knows the truth but have chosen to shy away
from it, you must all remember that you are coming back to
meet your people no matter how long the government last.
As for me, there is hunger in the land but in standing with
my people I eat the little I can and go to bed with free
conscience than eating from the kick backs of the wealth of
thousands of persons who are denied of their entitlements
because, a life of the hereafter is real and the voice of the
people remains the voice of God.
May God help us!!!
– Abdulmalik DanKogi Hadi

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