January 14, 2018

A Facebook user Ameh Moses Sunday from  Emodu Ogugu in Olamaboro Local Government of Kogi State is calling on  Kogi State Government, Edward Onoja, chief of staff to Kogi State and Dr. Tolorunleke Sunday  commissioner of education to come and rescue them in term of education.

Read what he said:

Just like the popular saying, education is the bedrock of every society, that is, education is the bedrock on which a nation stands, on which a nation builds a solid foundation, on which we mold the nation. I also know that, education is the birthright of every human child; it is the nation’s debt, hence every child deserves a right to a good and sound education. Education is not a privilege of the rich and well-to-do; it is the inalienable right of every child.

Even the Human Rights Commission has so declared. And it should not be handed over to or left in the hand of people who would hold us to ransom. It should be firmly rooted on the hearts of skilled educators and those who would valued and know the right of a child not to politicians. A child without education is like a road side mechanic without his tools.

It is unfortunate that the reverse is the case in where I hails from. When others are building their schools to a standard we are abandoning and closing our own. It is no longer news that in my community we no longer have primary schools, even our so called secondary schools has been on a life help machine that may soon broke down.

Emodu Ogugu in Olamaboro Local Government of Kogi State had been shut out of the primary education for some years. Our schools has become a shadow of itself. No school, no teacher, no pupils. The block were left for flies, fowl of the air to defecate and rest on. They have succeeded in taken over the schools from human being. You can’t really blame them, they are enjoying it solely because it was gifted to them on a platter of gold by their friends(Politicians).

Government no longer prefer human beings to learn but animals, what a sorry state. If not how would anyone shut down primary schools for no reason and the worst part is that, no one is talking. Our children no longer go to school and no reason was giving. We are tired of this whole thing, how would they continue to stay at home? How would they compete with their peers from other state and countries? So many questions on our lips begging for answers, unfortunately no one is listening to us, maybe ghost. And we can’t do much because we are left with no power.

It is quite clear that our government has turn a deaf ear to this sorry state of our citadel of learning, hence they did nothing about this. I can’t blame them much, it is us that voted for them moreover their children can’t be find in our godforsaken tattered environment let alone school.

What is most appalling is that why would Kogi state take a back seat at this time where the whole world is prioritizing and investing in education. What an unjust and insane society.

As if this is not enough the whole building has collapse and no one is saying anything. A nation who doesn’t prioritize education is a nation without future, value and hope, this is no curse but it is the law. It is often said that he who failed to plan, plan to fail, it is unfortunate that Kogi state has plan to fail woefully with no plan to get up.

It may be true that Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello don’t know much about this, this is because he can’t be everywhere at the same time. I’m not blaming him much, I’m blaming Olamaboro sole administrator Adejoh Nikodemus and the Councilor representing Ogugu ward 11 or what ever they are called for abandoning this school. It is quite unfortunate that in this country poor people or commoners don’t have a say or even have a right to education.

I am calling on the Kogi State Government, Edward Onoja; chief of staff to Kogi State Governor who happens to be a son of the soil, Olamaboro Local Government and Dr. Tolorunleke Sunday, commissioner of education, science and technology to speedily renovate the school (LGEA Primary School Emodu-Ogugu) and reopen it for the sake of our innocent children.
May history be fair to us all.

Ameh Moses Sunday

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